SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) research  indicates a deepening skills gap in the job market, with 83% of HR professionals facing challenges in recruiting suitable candidates over the past year.

Electrical maintenance training. Electrical Tech Skills, Cleveland, OhioThe skills shortage is reported to have worsened according to 52% of respondents, impacting various industries, including trades, middle-skilled positions, and highly skilled STEM roles. The survey highlights a decrease in the quality of job applicants, with one-third attributing this to a lack of necessary technical skills.

The SHRM study suggested these remedies:

  • Providing onsite training to employees (seminars and training programs);
  • Starting or expanding training programs to help improve skills of new hires;
  • Providing offsite training to employees (workshops and development programs);
  • Increasing compensation.

America: The Land of Opportunity

While many people may read articles like this and express frustration about the perceived entitlement or lack of ambition in today’s youth, we believe that presenting this information in the context of current opportunities should excite many employers.

There is a quick and easy win-win solution available to both employers and employees that can bridge the skills gap and enhance the value of existing staff. Employers can now offer online and onsite training for their current workforce, elevating their efficiency and effectiveness and reducing the costly cycle of hiring and training.

These employees can take greater pride in their daily tasks, knowing they are enhancing their value within their current workplace and in the broader job market.

Electrical Tech Skills, and other reputable institutions, provides this value through just four days of training. Furthermore, SHRM should advocate more strongly for companies to take advantage of reimbursement opportunities through certain state government incentive programs.

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